Hip Mountain Mama Review - Imagine Tee

I received my first item from Hip Mountain Mama and I L-O-V-E, love it!  It is the awesome Imagine Tee and it's super cute and comfy too.

I first off gotta say that it runs small, so order up a size.  A small is 4-6, medium is 8-10, and large is 12-14.  I was originally going to go with a small because I'm a size 4 (at Old Navy), but I decided to go with a medium to play it safe.  It was still a bit too snug for my comfort.  I sent it back for another, which was no problem at all because the folks at Hip Mountain Mama totally and completely rock!  :)  I probably could have gone with the medium but feel much more comfortable in this one.

The shirt is really long, which I love.  And while it's not super low cut, nursin' mamas, I was able to nurse by just pulling the top down, which made things very easy for me.

I kinda feel like a goob posing, but ya gotta see the whole shirt, right?  :)

The detail in the design is a-mazing.  It's really pretty cool.  Here's a closeup:

The Imagine Tee is also super soft, as it's cotton, and is great for summer because it's lightweight.  But it's not too thin that it won't last - it's just comfy goodness.

Added bonus:
When you buy the shirt, some of the profits go back to Oceana, Sea Shepherd, Trees For The Future, and Environmental Defense Fund, which I thought was very cool.

Thank you, Hip Mountain Mama, I'm loving my new Imagine Tee!  :)

Side note:
I did everything I could to have "Imagine" by the Beatles playing... How perfect would that have been?!  But I just couldn't figure it out... :(

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