Sweet Potato Chips

I made sweet potato "chips" today. Silver LOVES them!

Here's how I did it:

•  Preheat oven to 400 degrees
•  Wash and peel sweet potato
•  Cut the sweet potatoes into thin slices
•  In a large bowl, add a tiny bit of olive oil
•  Put the cut up sweet potato slices into the bowl and stir so the potatoes
   get coated with the olive oil
•  Dump mixture onto a baking sheet
•  Cook for 7 minutes
•  Take out and flip chips over
•  Cook for 7 minutes more

If you really want them to be like chips, you should probably cook them a bit longer.  I still wanted the potato "meat" to be mushy instead of crispy so she could eat it more easily.  I ended up eating quite a few too... :)

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  1. Anonymous13.4.12

    I always have a really hard time cutting sweet potatoes. they are so hard!!!! how did you cut them so nicely?